Sensory Artisan - Art of Sense

Sensory Artisan is a coffee concept store which aims to appraise and produce the best gourmet to customers. We have developed a coffee packaging with the theme “The Art of Sense”, which consist with the brand philosophy. The label illustrates the progress of the coffee creation —— coffee infiltrating into water, the magical moment of a birth of a masterpiece. We have chosen turpentine can as the coffee bean container. Making use of something unexpected with an attractive shape, we aim to redefine the usage from an industrial container to a coffee packaging. The opener is not completely sealed. When coffee beans are freshly roasted, carbon dioxide will be released. The opener serves as a valve function allowing the carbon dioxide to escape from inside the can. It helps retaining the quality of coffee for an extended period of time. By using an uncommon source, the brand new packaging is beyond the traditional ones.

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